Home goods you can feel good about.
Conscientious design, ethical manufacturing.

In a world of unlimited choice, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what you’re buying, where it’s from, and how it was made. We started WHEELDEN CO. because we believe you should have a personal connection with the things that fill your home, and you should feel good about how they’re made.

We will always strive to make our products in the most sustainable way possible, from materials that do as little harm to the Earth as possible. This means using FSC-certified lumber, specially formulated concrete, sustainable natural waxes, and so on.

Though most of our work is done in-house, when we do need to hire work out we will always choose partners located in the United States who value ethical treatment of their employees as much as we do. You can feel good knowing that your products were manufactured by people who are treated well, and working under safe conditions.

Derek Wheelden in his shop in Brunswick, Maine

A Garage and a Bandsaw

The seed of Wheelden Co. was planted in 2015 in my garage in Brunswick, Maine. With an 80 year-old bandsaw my grandfather gave me in high school and a pile of wood I started making sawdust. At first making furniture pieces for myself and friends and family, I started to realize I wanted to make things that were more accessible. Most people can't spend $1000 on a coffee table, but 5 bucks for a set of coasters? Sure. That's what Wheelden Co. has come to mean to me. It's a way to honor craftsmanship, to encourage people to fill their homes more thoughtfully, and to be conscious of the good we can do simply by choosing to do better.

1930s Craftsman Bandsaw